Как из vba открыть блокнот
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Как из vba открыть блокнот

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VBA Open Text File with OpenTextFile

This lesson uses the FileSystemObject. In order to use it, you will need to set a reference to the VB script run-time library. See here for more information.

You can open an existing text file for reading:

and then paste its content to the current worksheet’s first cell, e.g.:

In ForWriting mode you can replace an existing file’s content with new data but you can’t read from the file.

For more options with ForWriting mode see here.

In ForAppending mode you can write to the end of the file. You can’t read from this file.

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Open a file with notepad through VBA

Could just call a shell command to execute notepad.exe with the file path.

Open any file with the default program for the filetype: (with a single line of code)

If you want to use this method with a filetype that isn’t yet associated with an application:

  • Hit the Windows Key(Windows Key)
  • Start typing default
  • Click «Default Apps» (Windows 10) or «Default Programs» (Windows 7)

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Below code will help you to open notepad from excel.

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Try this approach

If you want to create a new text-file and want to write into it, you could use this approach:

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