Как узнать свой api telegram
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Как узнать свой api telegram

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Creating your Telegram Application

We welcome all developers to use our API and source code to create Telegram-like messaging applications on our platform free of charge.

In order to ensure consistency and security across the Telegram ecosystem, all third-party client apps must comply with the API Terms of Service.

Obtaining api_id

In order to obtain an API id and develop your own application using the Telegram API you need to do the following:

  • Sign up for Telegram using any application.
  • Log in to your Telegram core: https://my.telegram.org.
  • Go to «API development tools» and fill out the form.
  • You will get basic addresses as well as the api_id and api_hash parameters required for user authorization.
  • For the moment each number can only have one api_id connected to it.

We will be sending important developer notifications to the phone number that you use in this process, so please use an up-to-date number connected to your active Telegram account.

Using the api_id

Before using the MTProto Telegram API, please note that all API client libraries are strictly monitored to prevent abuse.

If you use the Telegram API for flooding, spamming, faking subscriber and view counters of channels, you will be banned forever.

Due to excessive abuse of the Telegram API, all accounts that sign up or log in using unofficial Telegram API clients are automatically put under observation to avoid violations of the Terms of Service.

If you didn’t violate the Terms of Service but your account does get banned after using the API, write to recover@telegram.org explaining what you intend to do with the API, asking to unban your account.
Please note that emails are checked by a human, so automatically generated emails will be detected and banned.

Using Telegram’s open source code

Everyone is welcome to use our open source code. We have included a sample API id with the code. This API id is limited on the server side and is not suitable for apps released to end-users — using it for anything but testing purposes will result in the API_ID_PUBLISHED_FLOOD error for your users. It is necessary that you obtain your own API id before you publish your app.

Please remember to publish your code as well in order to comply with the GNU GPL licences.

Как узнать свой api telegram

Как получить API Id и API Hash?

  1. Сначала перейдите на my.telegram.org
  2. В поле Your Phone Number введите Ваш номер телефона (можете попробовать номер телефона Вашего фейк-аккаунта) и нажмите Next. На этот номер будет отправлено сообщение в Телеграм, который нам понадобится в следующем пункте.


Нажимаем «Create application»
Если на этом этапе Вы увидите окно с надписью «ERROR«, попробуйте отключить в Вашем браузере плагины-блокировщики рекламы или блокировщики сторонних файлов Cookie, а так же можете почистить кеш и куки браузера.

Если все пройдет хорошо, то Вы увидите страницу похожую на скриншот ниже!

Name already in use

tdesktop / docs / api_credentials.md

  • Go to file T
  • Go to line L
  • Copy path
  • Copy permalink
  • Open with Desktop
  • View raw
  • Copy raw contents Copy raw contents

Copy raw contents

Copy raw contents

Obtaining your API credentials

To build your version of Telegram Desktop you’re required to provide your own api_id and api_hash for the Telegram API access.

How to obtain your api_id and api_hash is described here: https://core.telegram.org/api/obtaining_api_id

If you’re building the application not for deployment, but only for test purposes you can use TEST ONLY credentials, which are very limited by the Telegram API server:

api_id: 17349 api_hash: 344583e45741c457fe1862106095a5eb

Your users will start getting internal server errors on login if you deploy an app using those api_id and api_hash.

Where to find the Telegram Api Key

I am trying to find the Api Key for Telegram but I cannot find it. Where do I find it on the website? If I use the Api Id, I get the error Incorrect Token Format in the C# Console Application.

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Like ihoru mentioned in his answer, you can find all of your bots relevant information in BotFather.

So navigate to @BotFather in Telegram. If you have not yet created a bot do so by entering /newbot and follow the instructions on screen. You should get your key at the end of the process.

But now let’s assume you already have a bot and can’t find the key anymore. Again, go to @BotFather but this time enter /mybots . You should see something like this:

Image of /mybots result in telegram

Click/Touch whatever bot you would like your API key for, then you should see this:

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